Show Net Spending instead of Gross Spending

I’ve been using Monzo for about a year now and it is the most streamlined banking experience I’ve ever had. The only real gripe I have with it is everywhere it shows ‘spent’ or ‘spending’ displays the gross amount spent instead of net amount spent. If, for example, I receive £100 to contribute towards a £150 item, my account will show it is me spending £150 when I only actually spent £50 of my money. It makes sense should you assume that all funding is from other current accounts in your name, but that just isn’t the case for most of us. On some days it really sucks when my account shows huge amounts spent on one day when it just coincided with a payment I received recently.

This also kind of trivialises the budgeting feature which is an awesome concept but just not quite there in terms of practicality in my opinion. If Monzo could base everything on net spending and separate income and expenses to view under that calculation, that would make it a straight 11/10 service.

Keep up the amazing work, this is actually a very modern and down-to-earth bank that I’m glad I came across.


I tend to agree. I’ve had my Monzo account for well over a year and recently went full Monzo in the last 6 months or so. I am still playing around with the best way for me to budget but still haven’t found the right way. I’ve just turned summary off as it really wasn’t helping with the way it rounds figure and doesn’t show me exactly what I am spending. Work to be done here I think…

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Agreed. It would also be nice to be able to mark transactions as ‘not spent’.
Shortly after pay try each month Monzo tells me I’ve spent several hundred, in reality I’ve moved it to a savings account.

Yes I agree with this, very good point. The app just recognises all money coming out as ‘spent’ regardless of where it’s going.

The first point around incoming money not going to the right category has been fixed, I think…? As for “moving” money, if you categorise it as Finances, I believe Summary ignores it (but it would still appear as “spent” on the homepage).

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I brought this up with support and they said there no plans to change the behaviour… :-1:t2: