Android : Golden Tickets appearing in odd position on feed

(Adam Heath) #1


Following the recent Android update that has enabled us to finally get golden tickets :tada: I have noticed something odd.

By chance I was scrolling through my feed to try and find an older transaction and happened to stumble across a golden ticket hidden amongst the updates around the 20th February (before the android update that would have included golden tickets).

There was no notification or anything that let me know this had been awarded, and if I hadn’t been looking through my feed I probably wouldn’t have found it.

Ideally, shouldn’t this appear (and stay?) at the top of my transaction feed?


Yes, I know I have a Golden Ticket
(Alex Sherwood) #2

Here’s why they’re appearing there -

(Colin Robinson) #3

One for the ideas board? Get them to stay at the top of the feed until used?


The problem here, is they are instantly replaced once used with a new one so it could be a bit of a pain.

(Andy Little) #5

I’ve got one too. Buried down at the end of January. I’d never have seen it if not for this post.

(Dr Monzo) #6

I’ve just sent Professor Monzo my golden ticket and it says its been used?
I haven’t sent it or used it.
No problem Ive asked for one on the other thread , but this means I wont get sent a new one to replace the old one?
Any ideas how I “reset” my golden tickle

(Marta) #7

@DrMonzo You can ask support via the app chat to issue a new golden ticket. Usually, when one is used, another one appears, but it has been known that sometimes it breaks - support can untangle this. :slight_smile:

(Dr Monzo) #8

Cheers me dears, all sorted through the app.