[Android] Fingerprint authentication stops responding when making transfers

When transferring money between accounts, the fingerprint authentication overlay sometimes stops responding. Apps continue to run underneath it, but there’s no way to get the overlay to disappear. The only solution is to restart the phone. This issue is non-deterministic and can’t be reliably reproduced

Details to reproduce
Transfer any amount between two accounts with biometric authentication enabled.

Android 10
Security patch 6th October 2019

Google Pixel (1st gen)

App version


Labs biometrics on or off?

Biometrics has now matured from Labs, so there’s no option to enable/disable.

‘Unlock app with biometrics’ and ‘Authenticate with biometrics’ are now in the Privacy & Security area of settings.

I’d recommend updating the app to 3.54.0 when possible, there’s been some work on biometrics.

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Only 3.53.0 is available on Play Store is 3.54.0 imminent?

3.54.0 available on testflight now and will be available via normal release soon.