⏳[Android] Can't edit standing order amounts

Issue: I’m unable to edit the amounts of any standing orders. And get an error pop up after submitting.

Details to reproduce: try to modify the amount of a standing order
OS: Android 10 QQ3A.200605.001
Device: Google Pixel 2 XL
App Version: 3.36.0


Check that the date scheduled is in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok I see what you mean, thank you. It should however auto update the date (for example mines a monthly so just next month’s) if you edit the amount or at least give an appropriate error to make it obvious

The app defaults to the date the Payment (one off or recurring) was entered or successfully last edited.
I’ve fallen foul of this a few times - the historical date, quite rightly, is an error.

The app should instantly put enter today’s date in the date field automatically when ‘Edit payment’ is tapped on, then it’s up to you to change it to a future date if required.

I also had this issue and agree that it should auto update to the next scheduled payment when editing

or give a much clearer error message

I’ve fallen for this a few times myself, quite an annoying error as it’s not indicative of the problem.
I would imagine auto updating the first scheduled payment on an edit to happen on the next occurring scheduled payment of when it was initially set up would be the solution for this.


Agreed. Or even highlight the box to say it’s in the past, or pop up an appropriate error. Anything apart from what it does. I’ll even write the code :joy:

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Also fallen for this, can’t see why it couldn’t highlight the date being the issue

Hey all! Thanks for flagging this. It’s something that we’ve seen quite frequently in our Account Management Expert queue - I do agree the error messages can be somewhat confusing and non-informative.

This is something that our product team are aware of and is on the radar to be fixed some point in the future where we will be able to add more information in many cases :pray:


Thanks for keeping us informed