Editing a standing order tries to retake the payment

I setup a standing order, and then wanted to edit the payment, I edited the payment from 150 to 167, and then it tried to take the full amount for 167 again. Fortunately I leave spendable money in pots and there was nothing in the account.
Details to reproduce:
Setup a scheduled payment for today’s date, and then go to edit that scheduled payment, change the amount and click “schedule payment” and it will try to take it again.

Surely you should be able to edit a standing order without it trying to take payment again?

Galaxy S10+
App Version:


I think you have to edit the date of the payment as well - I recall another thread where the problem someone had was the app told them the payment couldn’t be in the pass. Possibly the edit flow needs to make it clearer that you should edit the date also.