Monzo Notfications

Hi, I am not sure if I am the only who thinks this but I find the in-app notifications from Monzo in the transaction feed rather out of place.

Would it not be better to move this locations into a central place within the app?

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So if you’re talking about the Coin Jar notifications, the good news is they’ll be moved to the detail page for each transaction :soon: which looks like this -


screenshot from here

The rest of the notifications do need to be visible so making them part of a feed (& there is only one, which you see when you open the app) makes sense to me. Where would you move them?

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What @alexs said is spot on.
Additionally, have a look at Monzo’s April Update if you are interested.
It also includes a Redesigned Spending tab, among other things.

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I mean the notifications you get for example when you have just setup coin jar, or the account switching notification or even overdraft. If you don’t action these notifications they stay in the transaction feed and thus have to scroll through it to find it.

If they were for example put into the account tab, say for example under the card or something a feed could be setup there.

It’s just my 2 cents


Coin Jar will be tidied up in an update at some point this month.
For something like CASS, I think it would be great “sticky”, so you always know what the status of your switch is.
Maybe we could have “Archived Notifications” sections for any notifications that aren’t relevant anymore, haven’t been actioned after X days, or were removed by the user by tapping on the “clear” option.


I think certain feed items should be pinned to the top of the feed.