Automatic Export of Data?



I’m considering getting a Monzo card for a group I run as a means of pretty much automating the Treasurer position.

The thinking is, as long as I can get some kind of extract or data source from Monzo, I can build a process that creates all the reporting easily enough.

Is this something Monzo provides?

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at the moment data export from iPhone is available but not from an Android phone yet


Thanks, so there’s no way of getting all transactions exported via API or SFTP to a file (CSV, XML, etc) from the card/account yet?

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Ive done a CSV export from my iPhone to my email than downloaded the spreadsheet giving this report -

(Andy Little) #5

You can pull transaction data down from the API. But it won’t come back in an easily useful spreadsheet. There is some documentation for the API:

If you are handy with a little programming getting it into a spreadsheet / csv file isn’t too taxing.

(James Billingham) #6

The API is super easy to use. If you want to programmatically retrieve this data, and particularly if you want to do it in real-time with the webhooks, the API is the best way.

(Huw Diprose) #7

I third that on the api, it’s great.

Also put monzo into github you’ll find there’s a load of wrapper code around for lots of languages which can offer extra help (though as ever take care when using the code of others on your financial info!)

(Alex Sherwood) #8

Following on from Huw’s comment, this list is a good place to start -

Also, it’s probably worth searching for Mondo too, to pick up the older code that was written before the name change.