Sync for YNAB help


Hi all, apologies in advance, I am a total n00b to this side of things, but I have been told my Monzo help that this would be the place to try to sort out the problem I’m having.

So I am trying to use the “Sync for YNAB” API(?)/software, which uses webhooks to pull transactions from your monzo card, and imports them into YNAB, as they do not currently support importing of transactions from UK bank.

I set everything up with the webhook to pull transactions from my current account, but when I spend, nothing’s happening. I chatted with the developer, showed him the webhooks URL and accounts page (for the account id) on the developer portal, and he said everything looks fine their end (sync for YNAB), but for some reason, its just not seeing any transactions.

Also possibly related is I tried to set up the “log purchases to a spreadhseet” applet within IFTTT, followed all the steps provided, and nothing. The spreadsheet is blank and the applet says it’s never run.

For some reason or another, these things that are supposed to be linked to my account just aren’t getting the info from Monzo.

No idea again if it’s related but I have a joint account and a normal current account (and yes, I’m pointing the “Sync to YNAB” thing at my current account, not joint account).

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I’m no developer, but I want this functionality, any ideas?

Thank you!