[Android] Active card check counts as £0 towards average


Issue: When searching for transactions, active card checks inaccurately count towards average spend (£0 per card check), lowering the average.

Details to reproduce: Search for transactions. A summary is shown for matching transactions: £xx.xx spent, £y.yy on average

In my example, I have 7 actual transactions from Uber, £5.00 each.
I also have 3 active card checks.
Actual average is £5.00, but it’s showing as £3.50. It appears that each “active card check” counts as £0.00 towards the average, which is not as expected as these are not actual transactions.

I also have four £7.99 Netflix transactions totaling £31.96, and one active card check. Average is showing as £6.39, but the actual average is £7.99

OS: Android
Device: Pixel 3 XL
App Version: 2.26.1

Screenshots: n/a


Out of interest, what happens if you remove the active card checks from your feed?

I’d rather not remove them now so that I can compare verify when a fix is released.
I assume they will no longer count towards the average. That said, some vendors do a lot of card checks and it shouldn’t be on the user to go and manually remove each check. I, for one, never clear any of the notifications within Monzo’s feed.

I reported similar, and a few other people also, but doesn’t look like it’s fixed.

Edit: I think clearing it will fix the average, but it should be automatic

If you have so many, delete the Netflix one only then and see if that fixes it?

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