[Feature Request] Replace "Active card check" items with actual charge

It is common for some merchants - like Uber - that I see “Active card check”, then very soon afterwards the actual payment.

I think it’d be good to collapse these together and replace the “Active card check” with the actual payment, if there is one.


Totally agreed! Unfortunately, generally there is no link with the actual payment if it is just an active card check so we can’t do that automatically yet. At some point, there may well be a concept of dismissible feed items which could solve this issue :slight_smile:

I think this could be semi automated; if the check and actual transaction happen in the same minute then group them. If this is incorrect then the user can intervene and ungroup them manually?

I’d think the same minute would be quite rare. Normally it’s an hour or so between I find.

It looks like I got charged £1 by ocado when registering my card. I know this usually gets auto refunded straight away but looks like my balance stayed -£1. Same happened when putting in an order…

I am trying to verify my bank account with Google, so they did an active card check, but the next step is for me to tell Google how much the active card check was for, but this information is hidden in my statement.

Will this info be visible at some point? I’m currently not able to verify my bank account.

Active card check is for £0 - they literally just check whether the card is valid. It doesn’t deduct money from your account.

If Google wants you to verify a specific amount, they will make a separate charge on your card for that amount - it won’t be the same as an active card check.


I guess the card charge failed then…