Active card check shows as £0 in feed

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I’ve had a few transactions of £0.00 from Google appear in my account. One happened the moment I activated my card. Is it just me? What are they?


(Michael) #2

This will be a card check, to ensure that the card is valid in most cases.

It’s a known issue with the CA that it shows as £0.00. The prepaid card showed it as an “Active Card Check”. Nothing to be worried about.

(Johnny Ellwood) #3

You can also tap on the 3 dots on the far right side of that transaction in your feed and hide it from view. This is on Android by the way but seeing how Android is usually an afterthought, this should be on iOS too.

(James Murray-Ferris) #4

It’s just a little “x” on iOS to remove it from the feed for a £0 transaction :slight_smile:

(Colin Robinson) #5

But it’s pronounced ‘ten’ :slight_smile:

(James Murray-Ferris) #6

:rofl: it is indeed! And it comes immediately after 8!!

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #8

Apple copying Microsoft then :joy::rofl:

(James Murray-Ferris) #9

Well you know maybe Bill gave them the counting system when he saved them all those years ago :joy:

(Matt) #10

Card came through yesterday, so Merlot transferred friends and started spending! Loving the service so far!

A couple of items I paid for yesterday started with what I assume is a pre-payment check; I.e is the card valid either etc. These ave been displayed on my timeline as £0.00. Whips I find the check mostly interesting, I can see these cluttering the timeline. I assume this isn’t a big, hence popping here.

Is there any way of filtering/hiding these kind of transactions? I’d assume £0.00 transactions are almost always for card verification purposes?

Keep up the good work guys!

(Marta) #11

On Android (current account and prepaid) you can already dismiss those feed items, so eventually it will be available for iOS too, though there’s no timeline for this functionality. :slight_smile:

(Matt) #12

Perfect, thanks for the quick response

(James Murray-Ferris) #13


You should see a small X on the right hand side of a £0.00 transaction to dismiss it from the feed

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