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Hi all,

I just want to share a quick sneak peek of something that @Sam designed while ago for the Android app. Why showing it now? Because we’re about to build it! Plus a few extras :robot:

First of all you are getting a cleaner drawer. It will show you how does your profile look to others when you send them money (this is on preparation of upcoming profile pictures, of course :sunglasses:)

The biggest change is the new settings panel though. Very soon you’ll be able to decide if you want to receive notifications, enable P2P payments, control magstripe ATMs (useful if you travel out of Europe) and check how close you are getting to the card limits.

As always, any feedback is truly welcome.



This is excellent :smiley:

Looks very clean, also looking forward to those “extras” :smile:

Looks good. But wouldn’t the magstripe option be better on the card screen?


You’ll only need to switch on Magstripe withdrawals when you’re abroad so for most users, it won’t be used very often.

It would increase the visibility of a setting which is often overlooked at the moment by users. But I know that Monzo is working on ways to highlight the setting for users at times when they’re likely to need it…

Yes, at some point we will probably have “card settings” and move it there. That’s actually how it works on iPhone but for now we prefer to keep things simple on Android and only split the sets of settings once we really need it.

Am assuming the address in that preview is just a mock one. I’d guess you’d have spotted it and it is, but heads up if it’s not. :wink:

Also I’d love to see the option of turning the magstripe support on in the timeline after a failed attempt to use one; like in the iOS version.

I think that this looks very crisp. I’d be happy to use it on an Android!!

It all looks fantastic - well done design team and I know our Android team will do an awesome job building it!

Material Design scales really well, so this should look awesome on many different types of display.

Looks brilliant!

Can’t wait for it to hit the beta channel :wink: Looks like #android is catching up with #iOS bit by bit! :smiley:


Looks great, I love lots of different customisations as since the Android app is a little limited in functionality at the moment.

@dude [quote=“dude, post:11, topic:7118”]
the Android app is a little limited in functionality at the moment.

We’re working hard to add additional features and functionality on a regular basis. Stick with us! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry for the delay in replying, but may I suggest renaming the button “REQUEST HIGHER LIMITS”. A more generic version would be “REQUEST LIMITS CHANGE”, in case Monzo ever build the ability to lower some limits e.g. to reduce certain misuse risk (e.g. limits while abroad on holiday), or because the limits are too high for someone’s normal spending (e.g. reduce max single card payment). Other “limits”: might appear in here in future, where lowering might be more likely request.


Any news when this update will go live? Teasing us 2 weeks ago with fancy functions :laughing:

I’m finishing up the penultimate task for Settings today! :smile: There are few other small fixes we want to get in with the next release, so probably this will go out to the beta channel next week :tada:


Will android users be able to set a profile photo?

I’d strongly assume so, yes. Monzo are working hard to bring feature parity to both iOS and Android.

Currently profile pictures can’t be set on iOS either.

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Not on the first version I’m afraid. But we hope to bring that feature :soon: for BOTH platforms :slight_smile:


Looking good from beta, it’s nice to have something that fills out the app (less blank space), guides you to support to change user details and I now know my Monzo user number (44854) :smiley:

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You were quicker to get signed up than me :clap:

Is there any chance you remember the date when you received your card & activated it in the app? This is usually a couple of days after you transferred the initial £100 deposit, as the cards are then sent 1st class. You will have received your 1st ‘login to Monzo’ with a magic link on that day. And you might have tweeted your user number or made your first transaction around that time…

If so, could you please share it in this post -

We’re tracking Monzo’s growth here :rocket: