Android 13 Beta

Has anyone taken the plunge to install this as it’s at Beta 4 now I believe, close to final release in the coming months?

Any apps, specifically banking, and general usage issues you’ve come across?

I’m tempted, but curious to see other people’s thoughts on how they’ve found it so far.


Only problem I had was in beta 2 where google pay would sometimes fail the first time around and you needed to retry. Otherwise seems fine.

TBH it’s not worth downloading a beta now unless you have an app you’re developing. The final release comes out in a month.



I guess yeah just hang about a bit longer, I forget where we are in the year.

Been running :android:13 since beta 2 too.

Not experienced any issues at all, other than a few black screens which wouldn’t wake up again until restarted (beta 3) - not had that since running beta 4

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Android 13 beta 4 runs very well on my Google Pixel 4a, I can’t complain really.


I’ve been on the 13 Beta for at least a couple of months on my Pixel 6 Pro. No problems.

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I’ve been using Android 13 as my day to day OS and have not had any major issues, just the odd bug that a restart of the phone fixed.

I have had no issues with apps not starting/running, even HSBC loaded first time no complaints and that is never normally the case.