An Android Progress Update

Yeah you have beta testers right? I’m not suggesting all features are done in a day, but 6 months? come onnnn zzzzz

Tell you what, if i knock out some code to use the api and create a monthly spending report using a specified day of the month in the next few hours, will Monzo take android development seriously?

Why stop there? It sounds like you could just create a challenger bank yourself & take over the market.


Maybe I will, keep an eye out for Bank of Adam in the playstore tomorrow


I hope and trust “Update Spending and Targets for current accounts” in the roadmap includes spending export as a CSV.

Because there are more important things to do like…oh I don’t know, launching the current account? :thinking:


I have to say, as an android user, this is a slap in the face. What it basically says is that there is not parity and android has taken a back seat so a better iOS current account can be available when it merges with prepaid. When it does merge, parity will be a long way off! 23 weeks ago I had a conversation with Yehudi in support who assured me the app was being worked on to bring parity asap. This post makes it clear that what Yehudi was saying is not true. I am a current account user, but at this stage I have to say I would not recommend to another android user. It seems we are a second class citizen.


@tom is using the Android app himself as daily driver for exactly this reason. Now if the CEO can’t push the Android team, I don’t know what can so I have complete confidence in :monzo: :slight_smile:


I read it as the Android prepaid app has been skipped to make the Android Current Account app available.

There are two different teams.


Too little, yet to be seen if it’s too late from @tom. Seems that the gap between iOS and android has been growing. When android put on hold to release current account, new features were released for iOS.

And new stuff has been released for Android? Like the new design (which is awesome) and the improved help section.

EDIT: Also, if you’re in/near London may I commend the next Open Office to you, which will be on Android:

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No. You’re right. Targets etc. is much worse than a simple redesign.

Quick thoughts:
Disappointing to hear that the development of the android side of things has been neglected (relative to ios) to date but glad that more dedicated engineers have been hired.
Seems reasonable to prioritise the current account over the pre-paid card. After all, the pre-paid card was never the end goal and was really more of a test bed than anything else.
Optimistic about the potential, but will pay more attention to the updates from now on.

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I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Developing the prepaid app is somewhat futile when the company is hoping to port everybody over to CAs in the coming year.

A fully FSCS protected bank, with a killer app and unique features/partnerships is going to be taken a lot more seriously and be an attractive proposition. I must admit, I’m an android user and I could do with some of the iOS budgeting features now. I’m slightly disappointed about the pace of development, but as a crowdfunding investor I can also see the forest for the trees.


This is totally right — on both platforms, that’s been almost all of our focus for the last few months. Although I think Android customers will like October :wink:



You’ve been teasing something Android-ey all month! :joy: Can’t wait for October to arrive! :smiley:


Hey all, thanks for your feedback. The tricky thing has been in preparing for current accounts, many existing parts of both the Android and iOS apps needed to be updated and replaced (for example, we’ve put a lot of work in making our sign up process smoother, and more compliant with banking regulations) - This sets us up for a better bank experience long term, but doesn’t result in exciting new features for existing customers in the meantime.

However, once the foundations for the current account are in place, we’re going to be far better equipped to iterate quicker than before on the parts of the experience that you use every day. So there’s plenty to get excited about, we’re just in a bit of an cocoon moment before the beautiful butterfly appears. :smiley:


I was really impressed when signing up to my current account. The app would not take the required photo. I contacted the team and the app was charged and fixed during live chat! This service is why Monzo will be my primary bank once I get my direct debits transferred


Wow, this is all very disappointing. Suddenly “Feature Parity” means “Feature Parity in terms of Current Account-specific features” (which means we’re not getting things like Targets, Travel Reports etc. anytime soon). Perhaps not deliberate misinformation, but it feels like a bait/switch.

There have been quite a few false dawns and pushing back of announced Android App features. I’m not holding my breath for anything particularly exciting anytime soon.


I actually agree with Monzo on this. Why would you continue to put resources into and app that’s due to be retired/merged within months?

It’s never been a secret that three prepaid was only a test and would be discontinued when the current account came out.

I was one of the people who were incredibly disappointed at the disparity before the current account.