American Express SMS Code

I’ve put this in as a chat help but they seem to have delays so wondering if anyone is seeing this whenever they try to pay something to an Amex?

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That’s nice and secure what’s the problem? :rofl:

If you open the text message is it the same?


I’m sure @Rika will be the wiz on this :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s all the text that it shows.

I’m just wondering if this is just me or a general issue at the moment.

Just tested this and it’s working OK for me. I’m on Android so possibly an iOS issue?

Oh wow. Let me investigate this. :interrobang:

Update: It looks like this is only occurring with a small number of SMS messages. If you receive one like this, please try again as a workaround.

Update 2: We’re raising it with one of our SMS providers. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks - I tried again later and it worked fine.


I had this issue last month and the SMS just didn’t arrive for hours. By which I have obviously cancelled the transaction and closed the payment.
After taking to chat and later in the day I was able to get an SMS quickly to authorise the payment.

One month later the exact same thing is happening again. What’s going on Monzo? Can’t authorise my payment again.

The flaw is probably the phone company. I’ve had the same elsewhere including SMS messages from real people. They’ve been sent, they just haven’t arrived yet.

There is actually no guaranteed time of transmission for SMS messages as far as I know so sometimes they can swim around the mobile network for literal hours before arriving. There’s generally nothing either the sender or receiver can do about it.

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