American Express SMS Code

I’ve put this in as a chat help but they seem to have delays so wondering if anyone is seeing this whenever they try to pay something to an Amex?

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That’s nice and secure what’s the problem? :rofl:

If you open the text message is it the same?


I’m sure @Rika will be the wiz on this :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s all the text that it shows.

I’m just wondering if this is just me or a general issue at the moment.

Just tested this and it’s working OK for me. I’m on Android so possibly an iOS issue?

Oh wow. Let me investigate this. :interrobang:

Update: It looks like this is only occurring with a small number of SMS messages. If you receive one like this, please try again as a workaround.

Update 2: We’re raising it with one of our SMS providers. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks - I tried again later and it worked fine.