Amazon's "Subscribe & Save" payments always fail

Amazon has this “Subscribe & Save” service, where certain items you order regularly are purchased and sent to you automatically at specified time intervals.

My automatic “Subscribe & Save” payments to Amazon seem to always fail — they show up in the Monzo feed as failed transactions with message “You approved this payment a while ago”. I have to go to Amazon and re-approve the payment method (without changing anything), and then re-approve the payment in the Monzo app — every time there is a charge for any subscription item. This kind of ruins the entire “subscribe-and-forget” thing.


I can confirm I get this too and it’s annoying.
I have to go to Amazon and re-add my Monzo card to “reauthorise” it.

Never had this problem personally, but I’ve also never used Monzo as the payment method for it, so something on their end I reckon.

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They do weird payment requests with other cards too.

Whatever they do is weird and not modern.


I imagine this is related to SCA changes, where companies have to take long-term payments/subscriptions a different way than they used to. So all previous saved payment methods to S&S are getting rejected due to that reason.

Could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure SCA has something around that, and how to take CPA going forward etc. etc.

I’m having this more and more. It’s extremely annoying as I have a lot of subscription items at varying intervals.


Ok this is starting to really annoy me.
Every month I have to go into Amazon, delete, and then re-add my Monzo card, to enable my subscribe order to go through.


Use literally any other card is the only solution to this for now I’m afraid until Monzo fix it.

It only happens with Monzo from what I see online. I’ve never had this issue with Chase, RBS, First Direct, Barclaycard, Nationwide, Algbra, nor Revolut.


My partner has this issue all the time but never seen it myself, monzo blamed Amazon when she escalated it to chat for taking too long to claim the payment.

I have the same with Chase for S&S.

Having same issue here. With Monzo and no other cards that I’ve tried.

Same for me. Neary missed my subscriptions

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Never had the issue with this and monzo myself

I have only one subscribe and save set up a while ago and it’s never failed yet.
My other half has one as well and no issues with it using our joint card.

Yep I get the same, it started 2 or 3 months ago… Very annoying when you have to manually authorise every single S&S product…

Those who have Subscribe & Save working with Monzo, would you mind sharing your subscription intervals? Just thinking if this issue only happens when the period between transactions is long enough — I only have subscriptions for items that are sent every 3–4 weeks, and those always fail.


I have at least one a month, so definitely more spaced out than yours. It’s definitely around the SCA laws, and Amazon’s way of processing them. :person_shrugging:

I that DIDN’T fail for.the first time this weekend. It’s every four weeks and I’m not aware that I’ve done anything differently.

I had been following this thread, quietly agreeing but not posting. And then boom! Payment went through on Sunday, item arrived today.

This happens to me every time - Despite me being asked to open the Monzo app and approve the subscription when you first set it up. I use S&S on my Monzo Business account for several office supplies and other things - Other bank has no problem, doesn’t block anything.

I then get several messages from Amazon telling me there has been a problem with my payment and I have to go into my account every time and re-approve / re-add payment on several subscriptions each month.

This is ridiculous. The responses from Monzo Support also also added insult to injury. Likely to change to a different business banking solution eventually.

I have S&S too, and so does my mum. Both on same intervals and roughly the same price, but mine fail and mum’s doesn’t.
Only difference between us is that mum uses her physical Monzo card details, whereas I use a virtual Monzo card (attached to main account, not a pot).

Those who also have S&S, do yours fail or not, and what card do you use? Might also be worth noting if you have a physical or virtual only Flex card (if that’s what you use for S&S), or if your VC is attached to a pot or not.
Just so we can see if there is a trend or if it’s random.

Should be noted that I also have issues paying at certain retailers using a VC (Nandos “order at table” site hates my VC), which is why i’m thinking it could be VC related.