Amazon recurring payments

Anyone having problems with recurring payments for Amazon services?

Both Prime video channels and Audible fail to renew after a month.

What’s the failure message shown in the Monzo app?

It doesn’t appear as an error in the app. I just get emails from Amazon saying ‘There was an issue renewing your subscription’. Yet any purchases from Amazon go through okay.

If it’s subscribe & save, it uses different card details - I believe. So go into subscribe and save and make sure each subscription is attached to a valid payment method! :slight_smile: Try removing the payment method & adding it again etc.


In my experience, this generally means you need to update your card details. Not just in terms of adding the new card to the account, but also making sure any orders have the payment details updated with the new card number as Amazon won’t do it automatically.

I had some channel subscriptions fail to renew last year when I got a new card because I didn’t do this. Though in my case, as I’d been meaning to cancel said subscriptions anyway, I wasn’t too fussed.


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