Amazon Prime try before you buy

Has anybody tried ordering clothes on Amazon using the Prime try before you buy feature?

I just tried ordering a sweatshirt with it and went though the Mastercard verification fine but then about 20 minutes later I received an email from Amazon saying: “We’re having trouble authorising your payment method for your Prime Try Before You Buy order. Please verify or update your payment method within 5 days. If we can’t authorise your payment method by Monday, May 29, your order will be cancelled.”

I tried submitting it again but then i received this email from Amazon: “Before shipping your Prime Try Before You Buy order, we’ll ask your bank to authorise the full value of your order, £30.05. While authorising your card, your bank will temporarily* make this money unavailable to you.”

At this point I just cancelled and purchased the item outright.

Never heard of the system. Seems very convoluted. R-

No for this exact reason, seems complicated. I presume it puts a hold for the full amount on your card and either releases it if you return or charges if you don.t

I would think this would or should work just fine with Monzo main, flex might be a totally different story though!

Yeah, in the end with free returns its just easier to buy it and the return for a full refund if needed. Just seems that for some reason the service doesn’t work with Monzo.

I’ve had other issue with my card today so may be just a temporary problem (Brand new card that replace my expired one)

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It’s not uncommon for financial services to check the full amount is there first before allowing the goods. I think PayPal credit does similar, or at least used to.