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Hi, I am new to the forum, and usually issues can be generally solved in forums. I have been a Monzo user for a while now, and have recently been offered the Monzo Flex. I tried to buy something online, to try it out and it worked. At checkout my Monzo app asked if I want to Flex it, so I did. So, I tried on Amazon and when I went to checkout Monzo didn’t give me the option to flex it. Could it be that Monzo flex won’t work with Amazon? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi. Welcome.

There will be no option at checkout.

If you use the virtual card, that will Flex it.
If you use your normal card, you get the option to flex it in the app afterwards

Flex is not merchant dependant, it will work anywhere/on anything that isn’t on the exempt list.


You pay Amazon with the Flex virtual card details, as you would any other card.

Then in the Monzo app get to choose how you want to flex that payment.

If you don’t choose a plan within 24 hours it’ll automatically move to the longest plan available which, if outside of 3 months total, will charge interest, with a minimum monthly repayment amount of £3 (unless the total value of the txn is less than £3 it’ll take the full balance).

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Thanks for the info. I have done just that and used my flex virtual card details to purchace something from Amazon. the order whent through but nothing shows on my Monzo account or my Flex account. does it take a while to show in Monzo?
Thanks, Steve

Amazon usual take a while to charge the card you use, not sure why. Usual something between 10 to 30 minutes before Monzo pings


Amazon isn’t always instant.


You’ll receive a notification to your app once Amazon process the payment.

Then you’ll see it ask you to choose a plan.

From my experience Amazon takes the payment anywhere from minutes to sometimes the next day.

I believe it’s when they actually start working on the order as it gives you chance to change your mind.


Amazon are one of the good retailers in that they won’t process your payment until your order is processing (as opposed to retailers who will process your payment straight away even if you’ve placed a pre-order that won’t move for another six months).

Once they’ve put the payment through, you should get a notification from your Monzo app.


Thanks everyone for the great advice. my one order has now been processed, still waiting for the other, but that is probably due to the fact it has to be sourced outside the UK.


Yeap, for foreign sourced goods Amazon only charges card when it is ready to dispatch. It can be an arbitrary amount of time, like many days.