Amazon Prime Day

I thought that was the case. Will have to have a play about and possibly get a new Apple TV :joy:

BAMP from last year coz Prime Day init!

Those of you wanting to get on the Alexa hype train the Dot is going for £29.99

Phillips Hue are in on it again this year

Sell the hub on eBay £30 makes it 2 bulbs for the price of 1

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It’s impossible to wade through the trash in deals these days since they removed the chronological deals list


Cheers I was hunting for some hue deals earlier and must have missed these! Hoping sonos goes on deal later today…

It’s all been a bit disappointing this year.

Anyone found some epic deals?

I’ve bought a bit of Under Armour and some stuff for the new addition (car seat etc) - But the general gist is a little drab I’ve found!

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I’m looking at this

I think you have to want some of these things before just coming across them and seeing “oooo a projector, I’ll have one of those” lol.

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Yeah I know, I have been wanting one for a very long time now though the thing is I don’t really wanna start drilling and smashing holes in to the wall (not my property lol)

Yeah - Even the Hue stuff which is normally a staple of Prime Day is dire!

All I wanted was one bulb to finish the house! God damn it!

I need two which makes the one i posted worth while as i can sell the hub like I have done before.

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This is not bad, shame it’s US only

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I’ve been after a pressure washer for ages and this seemed like a good deal… Usually hovers around £120 on Amazon - the advertised discount prices usually look better than what they are really.

Snapped one up during my lunch break. :slight_smile:

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Not on Prime, but my workplace Slack pointed out:

Google Home Minis are only £27.20 today from the official Google store on ebay if anyone was thinking of buying (rrp is £49, they’re often discounted to £34 but £27 is cheap)

[use code PLAY20 at checkout on Google GA00216-UK Home Mini Smart Assistant - Charcoal for sale online | eBay ]

Personally, our household prefers the Google Home* devices over Alexa ones (we’ve got both - connected to our Hue lights and stuff - but the Google devices seem more ‘useful/general queries’ - Alexa is now just relegated to being an audiobook player).

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There’s rarely much of any use on Prime Day.
Though I did buy Cards Against Humanity which will be useful as a Christmas gift. Nice discount on it today.


I was just saying in work there why is CAH on offer, surely everyone in the country has it :rofl:

Thank you! Bought one!

After the disappointing price points of the PG27UQ and Acer X27 monitors I decided to bite the bullet and go for this monitor, because incredible price point:

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I just confirmed that Currys will price match the deals as long as they’re being sold by Amazon and not a third-party. Handy if not on Prime.


Just picked up a Hive thermostat. Cashed in some vouchers I got for my birthday and only had to pay £65

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