Amazon Prime Day 2021

Amazon prime day is finally here :tada:

Are you planning on buying anything? Or have you already found some bargains?

Let’s see what you’ve all found!


Got £11.80 off a graphics tablet

Not so much of a saving since I had to sign up to prime to get it. Hey ho

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Think I’ve gone a little bit mad in the first 30 minutes 🤦


I think you may have genuinely gone a bit mad there - why buy one two-pack Tapo plug pack and one single Tapo plug? You’re overpaying for that single plug as a result. Why not buy two two-packs? (cheaper than buying the four-pack, by a penny.)


It’s not what it seems!

The echo came with the single smart plug so it works out the best deal just to buy the 2 pack… I think :joy:

Ohh, I see. Amazon really have got significantly worse at displaying orders*, and that’s what has caught me out here. As it happens, I’ve got lots of Tapo plugs myself and really like them, so would probably be ordering plenty of two-packs myself if I didn’t already have more than enough plugs :sweat_smile:

*Beyond infuriated that they’ve junked the ‘Open orders’ filter, only noticed today that they haven’t yet shipped something I pre-ordered that was released on the 1st June.

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I’ve got 1 TP-Link one at the moment which I use multiple times a day for my lamp. Looking to upgrade more devices to be on smart plugs so figured now was the best time to buy!

Just got to figure out which things I should plug into them!

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For me:

  • All the lamps
  • Phone charger
  • Chromebook charger
  • Kettle

And if I ever fear I’ve forgotten to turn one of them off, I just say ‘goodnight’ to my smart speaker (if bedtime) or check on my phone (if daytime).

Curious as to why you’ve chosen to add one to the kettle?

I can see atleast 2 of my new ones being used on my home office set-up!

I’ll definitely need to set something like the good morning/night routines you have set-up as I can see that being really handy.

Have always been taught that you should turn kettles off at the mains when not in use because they can be a fire risk, and having them on a plug means if I leave the house and think “Shit, did I turn the kettle off?” I don’t have to turn around and go home again any more.

Routines are excellent. I also have a ‘sunset’ routine that turns certain lamps on in the evening.

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That makes sense!

I may have to look into purchasing even more smart plugs at this rate, I can already think of quite a lot of routines and devices I’d want to set up.

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I have a £10 voucher so I will 100% use that towards something that I don’t need!


Me too. I shopped at a small business last week, totally unaware of the offer, and got a voucher.

Gonna use it to remove ads from a HD8 which will purely be used as a kindle and mini portable tv screen for my netfix Disney and prime video subscriptions :blush::+1:

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I was really really bad and forgot about Father’s Day. On Saturday I bought something (thank God for Sunday delivery on Amazon) and got a £10 voucher.

I’m in the market for an electric toothbrush; but jeez there are a lot out there; and so many of them seem similar but wildly different in price…

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I ended up getting my electric toothbrush from Superdrug because I couldn’t sort the wheat from the Chad on Amazon. The risk of getting a fake or a grey import seemed too high.

Wait… wha?!?
My grandparents used to do that sort of thing same as turning the tv off at the wall but I have not heard of house fires caused by kettles or TVs in years upon years.

Tbh I would be more nervous of always on always drawing power WiFi plugs going than the kettle or the tv especially when it’s on a high draw device like a kettle. A lot of these plugs don’t have the rating for huge draw devices and are more for lights than anything. The plugs make me nervous more than devices that are in everyone’s houses and given everyone has a kettle I would have expected to have seen more about the risk of fire.


There’s only really Oral B and Sonicare, in practice they are both similar and all their different models do about the same thing.

I’d probably go for the £50 - £60 range, the more expensive ones just have a load of ‘modes’ you don’t need / won’t use.

I put an electric toothbrush very firmly in the “Once you try a good one, you don’t go back”

I had a cheapy £20/£25 one, something like that. And an ex-girlfriend had an expensive one, we took hers on a trip somewhere (With different heads each I will add!!) and the difference is huge. Had to buy my own one after that.

I don’t think it’s this exact one, but it’s close


I think TVs aren’t high risk - CRT TVs left on standby were probably risky, but when we had those we always turned them off using the power button on the TV. Still do with the one flat screen we have that has a power switch, actually.

The biggest risks can be summed up as “anything with a heating element”. Washers and dryers are a major cause of house fires and I never run mine overnight/unattended for this reason.

If you are going to spend £50+, make sure you get £7 free first