Amazon Prime Day

Just buy a month, surely you’ll save more than the fee. Then cancel.

Finally took the plunge, thank you buddy!

Nice one, let me know what you think.

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I’m definitely tempted by those, they’re at almost 50% off.

The price of the Echo is seriously tempting me, but I’ve just moved into a new house with no smart gizmos at the moment, can someone convince me it’s worth parting with this week’s :beer: money for? :grinning:

look here also I have just got a second echo dot

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OMG, Alexa has a skill called “Purple Trivia” where it asks questions about Prince. I just got 5/5 on my first go. Obviously.

That was worth the 35 quid alone :joy:


I take back what I said earlier- you guys have got me to repurchase, this forum is bad for my wallet. I’ve bought an Echo Dot. Might get another for my friend.


Chromebooks are cheap today… Should I buy the Samsung Chromebook Pro or wait for this rumoured Chromebook Eve :thinking:


Chromebook :nauseated_face:

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I really miss my Chromebook. I had a C720 from 2014 until the beginning of this year. Eve sounds tantalising.

Where is this deal? I really struggle with the Amazon site sometimes

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If the Eve is anything like the Chromebook Pixel 2 was… You should definitely stick around and see what it has to offer :wink:

I owned a Pixel 2 for a couple of months and I fell in love with the epic build quality, flawless typing experience, beautiful screen and unbeatable battery life! :heart_eyes: I did have to return it in the end for a couple of reasons (stopped accepting a charge for some reason :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and I couldn’t quite do enough with it at work or home. But now that Android apps can run I don’t think there’s anything a Chromebook can’t handle besides full x86 programs (unless you want to get really crazy :wink:

Anyway, totally wait for the Eve! :slight_smile: The Samsung Chromebook Pro will still be around if the Eve flops :wink:


I use yonomi to talk to harmony. Works really well :slight_smile:

Echo 'turn on the TV’
Love it :slight_smile:

They had a bulb in prime sale for £15 yesterday

I tried it and it sucked :joy:

Might try it again as I couldn’t be bothered at the time and was hungover when i set it up

I know it’s a bit random, but good coconut oil is well discounted:

I also snatched a microwave, I was looking for one for ages, but I preferred flatbed one, due to cleaning. All microwaves were more expensive than I wanted to spend on a microwave or questionable quality/company, my last one caught fire, so I’m a bit ‘uhh, I don’t want that happening again’… But I think this one will do fine and I can survive fingerprints all over its shiny surfaces:

Initially thought you asked me a question, was going to say I know nothing about Chromebooks.

3 Likes - motorise your blinds!

Mine are on order :smile:

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‘Smart’ bulbs are incredibly dumb.

The way to go is undoubtedly smart fixings, and regularly dumb bulbs. There’s just no incentive to offer that one-time purchase product, particularly not to early adopters as anyone buying now is.