Amazon Prime Day 2021

I’ll have a browse but sometimes I end up almost hunting for something with an “I have to buy!” mentality. Regardless of whether I need anything.


I bought this one in December 2020, but paid less than this current price. I am happy with it.

I spent £60 yesterday!! What a dope. Had forgotten all about Prime Day. :man_facepalming:

Was only when I saw the reminder email about my free £10 that it came back to me.

Oh well :man_shrugging:

This offer is also only first 60,000, so bet your bottom :dollar: that I would be 60,001 :rofl:

Update: Cheers @lpoolrob , I was within the 60,000, so now have a healthy £57 gift balance in there for my next purchases :+1:

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Thanks for this, have used it :sunglasses:

I’ve bought a 4k Fire TV Stick, on the prowl for a new TV, but I want an OLED LG TV, and they’re not in the deals currently. So I think I’ll end up paying full price there.

@HoldenCarver I’ve got some WeMo plugs currently, that aren’t dreadful, but they’re the really old Insight WeMo ones - are the Tapo ones good? Integrate with Alexa?

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I think they’re good, much easier to set up than the dlink plus I was using previously, and a better form factor too. I use them with Alexa and haven’t had any issues integrating them.

Noice. Might have to give them a look.

The TV I’ve had in my basket for the last 2 months has finally been added to prime with a 5% discount. So I’ve gone ahead & purchased it!


Your fridge and washing machine are statistically more likely to burn your house down, and I’ll bet you don’t switch those off at the mains when you go out?

(Sorry, not a cheery thought.)


I’ve had a look at a few things, nearly pressed the buy button, but just closed the app.

It’s tempting to buy cheaper stuff, I just don’t actually need anything though.


Fridge/freezer, no, because the risk/reward balance only works if they’re left on.

Washing machine, though? I do turn that one off! And the same for the dryer. Is that abnormal?

Probably sensible.

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My mum won’t even let us leave the house unoccupied with the washing machine/dryer turned on at the wall 🤦😂


I was trying to ignore Prime day, but I just saw the fire stick 4K ‘lightening’ deal for £19 and given we’ve eyed one for a while, seemed worth it.

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This isn’t actually the best move, Smart plugs are probably as much a fire risk as anything else in the house. I think you are likely replacing one risk with another there.

Also, just a note to those talking about tumble driers, most smart plugs aren’t rated to that kind of wattage so using one on a tumble drier would likely be a direct fire risk. Not sure about kettles, I’m sure you’ve checked but some large or powerful kettles also draw way more power than smart plugs are normally rated to.

If I order something on a virtual card on Amazon do refunds work the same? Even if the card has been cancelled? Mainly as I’ve found a new desk :heart_eyes:

Haven’t got a smart plug on my dryer, or washing machine, or dishwasher. As you say, they may over-load the plugs.

With the kettle, I checked before using, and my kettle’s max draw is under what the plug is rated for. You say there may still be a risk with smart plugs, but if one of my smart plugs is going to be faulty, it will be faulty wherever I’ve plugged it in. So in terms of risk/reward, it’s a trade-off I accept. In my ledger, no plug/risk of kettle being left on all day is much higher (because I’m a zombie in the morning and will leave it on so many times; being able to check my phone when I get to work and turn it off then if needed is much better for my peace of mind - and my timekeeping - than turning around and going home again to check).

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I’ve had expensive Sonicares and Oral Bs and for my money this is just as good, at the fraction of the price.

I’ve confirmed my middle age status, by getting excited over new cordless gardening tools.

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Loving the same day delivery. Most of my grabs came a hour after I ordered! Even tho it was stuff I didn’t even need :frowning:

I went for the Oral B Genius X in the end - £99.00 with Prime discount, plus £10.00 voucher, plus the £7 for topping up the gift card:


The same day delivery almost killed my bank account when it arrived in my town.

I used to have a fairywell. They’re great for the price.