Large transaction declined by Amazon - funds on hold and no one can tell me why it was cancelled

Having a really frustrating day. I’ve just attempt to purchase an item for £1,200 from Amazon. They took the payment but 5 minutes later they had cancelled the order.

Amazon couldn’t tell me why it was cancelled other than “Unfortunately, your order could not be processed as you did not provide the correct bank information to validate your payment method.”

I don’t know what this means? Monzo support couldn’t tell me why it was cancelled either.

So. I’m currently £1,200 out of pocket for an unknown length of time, however long Amazon take to reverse - they say it can sometimes take 28 days but it is down to the bank to reverse it?
Monzo support can’t help me other than telling me to raise a dispute - but that could be up to 7 days before they even look at the request - there’s no way to fast track this.

Would I have had this problem with another bank and waiting this long? Not only do I not have my item from Amazon - I can’t even try and re-order it or place the order elsewhere, an item which I needed for this weekend to complete work - which means I’m potentially going to lose further money as a result if this doesn’t get sorted within the next 48 hours… this is so unbelievably frustrating.

What’s even more annoying - neither Monzo or Amazon can elaborate on why they cancelled the transaction. The only thing I can think of is it is a new card and an unusually large payment? But how? We have the approve request button on the app to ensure orders are done legitimately - in this case I didn’t get one. Also the delivery address and billing address is the same as they have always been on every single one of my Amazon orders.

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Yes. This is Amazons fault, not Monzos.

They have your money on hold and when they don’t claim it, you’ll automatically get it back after 8 days.

Monzo won’t know why your order was cancelled and Amazon don’t use the option to verify within the app.


This is pretty much why credit cards were created :pensive:


I spend too much on Amazon unfortunately. In my time I have realised that Amazon acts weird sometimes when processing transactions. Random rejections, when if you do the exact thing again, they allow it. This can be me using a credit card, and not Monzo. Monzo do tend to release the money within 7 days (although legally can take up to 28 days) and it can be quicker. I had a full refund processed in a couple of hours with Monzo last night actually. I was very surprised.

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Have you raised the dispute with Monzo to see if this gets handled quicker? The max period is 7 days, not set for 7 days.

yeah i got a refund right away when i disputed that burger king had charged me twice , they say the are waiting on a response from the merchant but got the money back straight away which was impressive


I had a 3DS request with Amazon the other day (not a new card etc).

Maybe they’re taking security a bit more seriously recently?

I had the same, was a surprise (and a minor pain).

It’a, most likely, because your address on the order doesn’t exactly match the address on your Monzo account.

This sets off a fraud score at Amazon who then decline the transaction.

In the last 6 months, Amazon has been upgrading its payments. Before then, you never had to give your CVC code since Amazon started. Now you do, and as you state, some 3D secure notifications. I wonder if Amazon’s new CEO (after Bezos stepped down) if focusing on efficiencies such as fraudulent transactions.

There’s new SCA regulations which come into force on 1st March. It’s nothing to do with their CEO.


Billing address or delivery address? I often get stuff delivered to addresses other than my own (friends and family when I’m staying with them) and have never had any issues.

I feel like Monzo support should have reversed this authorisation for you. If I were you, I’d get an email or message from Amazon to say they won’t be charging this, and then badger Monzo.

The money is still sitting with Monzo at this point, it’s them that need to refund you, so don’t listen to the idea it’s ‘just Amazon’.

Likely the billing address, but I can’t comment on exactly how Amazon’s fraud engine works - but they risk assess all transactions and in this situation what’s likely happened is that Monzo have responded with an AVS partial or incomplete mismatch and Amazon have therefore not presented for the transaction.

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Whilst the money is “pending” on our side, Amazon haven’t done what they should do here.

If they’re not going to present on the authorisation then they should send through an 0400 reversal message, if they don’t send that then Monzo (us) have no idea that they’re not going to collect the payment. That’s exactly why there’s an auto reversal date on all transactions so that if the merchant doesn’t collect the money it will, eventually, be returned.

We can’t just reverse an auth without proof - so as you suggest getting an email from Amazon to confirm they won’t be collecting the payment including the auth code, the amount and date/time of the transaction is needed to get a reversal sorted.

Part of the reason for that is that we now set it up on our side so if we do reverse the transaction and Amazon then change their mind we automatically create a dispute, and the funds aren’t debited from the customer’s account. This evidence allows us to create a dispute and makes sure that we don’t push a customer into an unarranged overdraft.

Hope that makes sense :blush:


Okay but why is this not the first piece of advice that is given in these circumstances. The money is sitting with Monzo, I think Monzo have more of a responsibility here than is being made out. It’s easy to blame the other guy but people need solutions more than an account of ‘who is to blame’.

Auto reversal is like 30 days right? Not really a fantastic solution for £1200! And why does it take 7 days to raise this and reverse an auth? Should be done in minutes when they have proof from Amazon it won’t be taken right?

I had a similar situation with Barclays and it was resolved in less than an hour. The store gave me proof it wouldn’t be taken - which Barclays asked for - and Barclays then reversed the auth.

Auto is 7 days, not 30.

Still way too long imo, easily sorted out by the bank if they are proactive. They have the money sitting in an account, they just need to move it back.

Could this be a case where the support flow documents haven’t been updated often enough as the situation has changed?

Way back when, Monzo did use to reverse authorisations on a say-so, but stopped doing that - for what seemed to me to be obvious reasons. That was fine, and at that point what the COp then had to say might be technically true.

However, the information that Dan has just given, that proof is required before reversing authorisations because a dispute will be filed if the money is taken is relatively new news to me, and presumably also to the COp in question. Otherwise, why isn’t their flow documentation suggesting they say “If you are saying the merchant has no intention of taking the money, please provide information to that effect and we will return it to you” or something to that effect?

Clearly, it is the merchant at fault when these things happen - given they can tell Monzo directly they’re not going to take the money - but it also seems that Monzo support could make it a little easier to get a resolution. Certainly, they should be just as able to share what Dan has shared in this thread to enable a quicker process to a resolution, rather than effectively throwing their hands up and saying “Not our problem”. For all that this is true, it doesn’t mean that Monzo can’t help towards the resolution of the problem.


If you go through the transaction dispute process in the app, or view the in app articles it outlines exactly what you need to do.

If you get in touch directly with chat then they’d advise exactly what I have.