Amazon mis-read card details

Not bug as such but some user feedback as requested - I purchased something from the Amazon App on my phone and wanted to use my new card. The App encourages you to use the camera on your phone to recognise the card details, rather than having to type them in.

The full card number was fine but it mis-read the expiry date of 03/19 as 08/19. Looking at the typeface used for the expiry date the 3 is very curved so I can see how it picked it up.

Putting this here as more of a heads-up to double check as I know of a few other times you are encouraged to let your phone recognise card details.

Working in the card industry, embossing is set at a default font and doesn’t look any different.


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Ok, as I said - it was meant as feedback more than anything else. The typeface of the expiry date on my Mondo Card is not the same as on my other debit cards.

I had this happen with my Amex card for amazon. I guess the camera and the logic that amazon use aren’t full-proof.

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