Card delivery, imprint of card details (white ink) left on packaging

(Will Pimblett) #1

Unsure how much of an issue this is but having received my CA card today I noted the card number, expiry and name appears to have been imprinted on the packaging the card comes in.

There isn’t much of an indent from the raised lettering, rather the white ink that (I assume) is applied after the numbers have been stamped on the card has transferred to the blue cardboard leaving a very clear indication of name, expiry date and card number.

For obvious reasons I will not be posting a picture of the packaging here. If anyone from Monzo would like to see this please tell me the best way to send this to you.

Card number visible in reverse on cardboard folder it was sent in
Card number visible in reverse on cardboard folder it was sent in
(Max Walker) #2

I too have received mine today and noticed this.

However, I’ve also noticed this on other banks, it appears to be because the raised lettering paint is not fully dry before it’s slotted into the letter (the machines possibly need slowing down a bit).

Not a massive issue, just need to keep an eye out (at the end of the day you are the one receiving the card so have the details anyway) but just needs to be disposed of properly, maybe a little note on the card sleeve along with the don’t post pics of your card online warning.


It’s possible to send images via the in-app chat.

(Andy) #4

Agreed had it a few times from a Citi and Barclays before they switched to boring white paper :grinning:

(Adam Price) #5

Just got my card today, Same thing here! Didn’t really think much of it as the card itself was fine. Still nice to get a message saying I’m one of the first! :smiley:

(Rika Raybould) #6

Thanks for the feedback! We’re aware and it’s on our design+card team’s radar to improve in future card batches.

Turns out that getting physical objects made is difficult and iterating on them takes a long time compared with software! :upside_down_face:

These kinds of issues are why we’re running the preview. Start with some smaller batches where these issues can happen and get fixed before we commit to one for every user. :wink:


Here is one for feedback

(Johnny Ellwood) #8

My card came today too with the same residual prints. Nothing I’m too worried about but I can see why it would be an issue. Mine was a bit worse than the image posted to the point I could read the whole 16 digit number but I’m happy to just shred it.

(Adam) #9

Image attached in the above post looks rather bad :eyes:

(Patrick) #10

Yeah, It’s pretty much fully readable on mine - as you can see.

I didn’t really see it as a major problem. But thinking about it, there is possibly a bit of a security issue - very unlikely that anything would happen but I guess it gives an impression (haha) of insecurity.

(Will Pimblett) #11

Mine was very similar. Probably not much of a security issue but thought was worth flagging up.

(Rika Raybould) #12

On this topic, I’d certainly recommend shredding the page with the numbers imprinted in them before disposing of it. :lock:

(Will Pimblett) #13

if you’re not a complete twit.

Perhaps more worried about users who don’t notice the imprint before putting it in the bin.

(David Bain) #14

After a week of the card I am noticing the ink coming of the raised card numbers - with general in/out from the wallet. I’m not really sure how long it would be expected to last, haven’t ever really paid attention to other cards in the past so no real benchmark. If this sounds normal then ignore, it certainly doesn’t affect the product functionality!


it does happen with other cards. It has happened with both my Starling and SHB cards


First Direct cards are terrible for this. Silver rubs off the black.


One small issue with delivery is that the letter the monzo bank card came attached to had rubbed against the card, leaving my name and card number visible on the card. This is a bit of a security risk, so I’d suggest using glue as a barrier to stop it happening.

(Dave) #18

I was going to mention the same thing. The silver print of the card number and name had rubbed off on to the blue card and could be read fairly easily.



I received my current account preview card in the post today.

When I went to pop the blue envelope thing in the recycling I noticed my card number, expiry date and name were kind of etched or transfered into the back of it.

It looks a little bit like the whole package had got a little bit squashed and the debit card has moved a few mm scratching the white ink from the numbers into the envelope.

I’d imagine that’s not meant to happen as I’d be popping my card details in the bin if I didn’t notice!

Anyone else had anything similar?


I noticed the same with my Monzo card.

Also noticed it with other banks cards.