Amazon taking money immediately from Monzo - Do pending Authorisations exist?


So I paid for an “out of stock” item on Amazon and they’ll ship the item when they receive it.
My question is the money came out of my monzo account immediately, Amazon chat said they hadn’t taken the charge as the item had not been dispatched and as per their rules Amazon only charge when the item is disoatched.

Can Monzo handle pending authorisations?

If you scroll to the bottom of the transaction, does it say pending?


Oh my god, I am so thick, I completely missed that!

Thank you


In my experience it USED to be the case that you would see nothing hit your card until dispatch, but now they auth at point of order.


Yeah, I think they’ll always charge you immediately now. As in a pending request or a deduction from your ‘Available Balance’ in Legacy Banks, and then when you get a dispatch email they’ll process it and complete the pending payment.

Refunds if you change your mind before dispatch are pretty quick, too.