New Amazon Hardware : Event


There’s rumors of a Alexa microwave. I am not sure why that needs to be a thing.


I’ll lose a lot of faith in humanity if any Alexa-enabled kitchen appliances ever appear.


I think that ship has already sailed :joy:

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This has possibly ruined my afternoon :joy:

But seriously… a fork that plugs into my laptop?! C’mon.

A fork that tells you your eating habbits? Shouldnt you know you’re eating when you’re eating because its you thats eating? :thinking:
My issue with most smart kitchen applicances is that anything that involves food, cups, water etc all requires the user to interact first which then to me renders the smart tech pointless

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The stupid thing is, I don’t use my microwave that often, but I need to replace it, as it comes in handy for that occasional time, a smart Alexa enabled microwave to go with my other gadgets would sway me to finally replace my microwave.

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“Alexa, nuke these carrots al dente s’il vous plait!”


dayummmm literally just bought an Echo Show on primeday the other month :expressionless:

couldn’t resist at £99 :open_mouth:

“Alexa, please make me a coffee”

in alexa voice:
Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, the seeds of berries from certain Coffea species. The genus Coffea is native to…

“Alexa, Stop”
“Alexa, make me a coffee”

Setting Microwave time to 2 minutes

“Alexa, Coffee”.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t find a device called coffee…

Thanks, Alexa.


Here’s the microwave. Looks on the big side, to me.



Lots of hardware. Not just speakers.

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Our microwave went on the blink a short while ago, I may hold out just to see what this is like?

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Bet it won’t hold my large plates though lol

It’s a bit boring

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True, but if I need a new microwave anyway?

I expected something a bit more stylish. Curves and sleek lines or something :woman_shrugging:

Price wise though it looks like a decent microwave

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I just hope that no one decides to do a tear down of one of them; microwaves contain some pretty dangerous stuff!

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I was looking at spending around £50 on a Microwave, so works for me if it is launched over here with a similar price tag. Nice and simple and a decent price.

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Thing is though if you have too many Alexa devices they will end up all going off at once, it happens to me sometimes.