Amazon 4-Star

This is kind of genius. If they opened one of these in London I’d defo check it out.


I thought this was going to be a thread of funny (and dodgy) Amazon reviews. I was mistaken.


This is awesome. I want a Go Store over here!

They have shops in China (Or Japan, cannot remember) which are almost the exact same as the Go store

Interesting concept, I like it!

It’s a good feeling knowing anything in that store has been rated highly by other customers, what you’re getting should be good quality and value. That’s sometimes the most important aspect when looking at what to buy.

It’s a good idea, lots of people go to Amazon first when they are looking at something, especially with same day or next day delivery, if you need something quickly, its probably just as likely to drag you into town to go to Amazon 4 Star rather than wait, so you could shop elsewhere at the same time.