Amazon Partnership

Hi All - if Monzo could partner with Amazon on anything, what would you like to see?

Some context: We’re talking to Amazon to see if there is anything we can partner on (e.g. seeing a breakdown of your transactions in the app / linking to your order in Amazon from an Amazon transaction in Monzo / building out an Alexa skill) and would love to hear your ideas on what we could do with them! Thanks!


Cashback deals? :wink: some cafés offer a tiny discount if a specific card is used, any chance of having that for Monzo? I originally wanted to suggest having notifications for things I’m watching in my cart that go on discount,
eg “___ has been reduced to £10! Purchase now?” and have some sort of one-click buy option but that would be a VERY slippery slope of unnecessary spending, which isn’t what Monzo is trying to promote (responsible spending). I think it would probably clutter the feed/ need a separate app/page and be more effort and trouble than it’s worth anyway.

I’m an avid shopper so it would be nice to see links to the products I’ve purchased. I have a ton of purchases linked to Amazon, sometimes in a space of a few days/ multiple purchases in a day and it would be nice to see the breakdown of it and contact them directly/ the seller directly. I can see this in PayPal when I purchase things off ebay/ASOS so it would be handy to see it in monzo!


I would love it if Monzo could use Amazon’s currently open order data to predict outgoings from Amazon preorders, Amazon Prime/Drive/Music Unlimited/Kindle Unlimited/Channels subscriptions, or subscribe & save. This would hopefully help improve the accuracy of the Monzo graph, in addition to helping to make sure that people have enough money in their Monzo account to pay for these subscriptions and preorders!

Amazon order information inside the Monzo app would be nice, though charges don’t always map 1:1 to orders.

If Monzo build an Alexa skill, I would love it if requests included an Alexa skill card so that responses appear visually on Echo Show, FireTV, and Fire OS tablets.


I second having the subscribe and save option marked out! The same amount gets taken out every month/2 months so it would be nice if some indication was given as to what it was (although if we can see what was purchased in-app) I’d be fine with that too


Definitely like to see something for Amazon preorders instead of being woken up at 3am when the phone tells me I don’t have enough money on the account!


I personally don’t have any interest in Amazon. But if this is where you’re starting, I’d like to see you go for richer information coming in to the transaction detail, as @evangelskies showed with the PayPal screenshots. Because while I might not use Amazon, that will hopefully be the start of a build-out of this sort of thing for other merchants. Having itemised receipts, and a link to the order on the merchant’s website would be amazing. Further than that, a lot of what I’d like to see was discussed in “Flux: The End of Paper Receipts & Loyalty Cards”:

I realise you’re focusing on Amazon right now, but I hope that you’re working on it with a view to expanding to other merchants further down the line.


This please


Obviously, encourage it to pay a fair amount of UK corporation tax.


They do pay a fair amount of corporation tax. Corporation tax is (by design) only levied against profits and Amazon doesn’t make any profits. This isn’t just on paper… Amazon aim for growth by keeping their margins incredibly low and reinvesting whatever they do make.


Relevant article:

I find it interesting that the company is worth $248 billion, more than Walmart, but it’s net profit is nearly zero. Everything is but back into the company, which annoys quite a lot of people


I would like to be able to click into an transaction and see the order details. Maybe request a return from within Monzo if something is not quite right? Would also be nice to see when an item is expected to arrive by clicking on the transaction.

Regular Cashback / Offers would be nice such as £5 off a £50 spend or something along them lines.


I would definitely like to see the details of my purchases show in the app without me having to key them in manually into the notes (what I currently do).

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Alexa skill for balance!!!
would be great to wake up and be able to find out my balance without even checking my phone
maybe even clicking on the transaction is monzo would take you to tracking it on amazon? or give information about the order or tracking.


As others are saying the most useful thing would be to see a breakdown of the purchase so I can see what the individual items are. It would then be useful to integrate this with bill splitting so from an order of various things I could request repayment for just one of them.

Beyond that various contextual actions like:

  • return item (or part of order)
  • add rating/review
  • see delivery status

and not just amazon, would love to have this for all retailers such as Tesco!


Categorisation based on the actual order, rather than just Amazon => ‘Shopping’. For example, kitchen utensils are Shopping, groceries are Groceries, and books are Entertainment.


+1 for pre-orders.

I’m into movies (buying of!) and gaming, so often have a DVD/Blu-Ray or Ps4 game on pre-order, possibly more than one, and frequently months in advance. I know the cost of a pre-ordered item usually changes between the time of the order and that of actual processing/dispatch, so the actual amount marked as “assigned” might change over time, but at least there would be something that tells me I have a future payment (a bit like the sections for direct debits and standing orders in the current account preview).

My only other option at the moment is to make any pre-orders on a separate credit card (so I don’t have to worry about the Monzo balance being big enough to pay for it), but this makes accounting a mess (I’m trying to avoid use of credit cards and stick all spending via Monzo).


Definitely something to help me reduce my spending there, I waste wayy too much money at Amazon. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Seconded! To be able to be informed by your bank that a subscriber option of £X is due on a specific day or with warning, and this integrated into targets so the charges don’t come as a surprise would be excellent.


You’re not the only one!, but it’s not wasting money, it’s essential purchases… at least that’s what I have to tell my wife :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


“essential purchases”