Savings pots for specific products

I have pots that I’m setting up for things I want on Amazon, I was just thinking, what if I could link a pot to an Amazon product and when the pots fills it automagically orders the thing I want? (So I could divvy out my out my paycheck to these pots and over time I could drip feed money into all of life’s non-essentials)
Or it could watch a product and I could tell monzo to only trigger the buy when it’s price is discounted or the app could push a notification when the price changes.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I think this type of things has been suggested before?

Issue I see is that Amazon can change its link… then what happens? And I’m not sure a price watching feature is where I think Monzo should focus.

Nice ideas to be sure, but fairly complex to tackle. I’d go with having an Amazon pot and doing it yourself…? Try a service like maybe?