Don't hesitate to join Monzo even if it's last minute!

Just a quick note, I was extremely interested in joining Monzo a few months back and just never got round to ordering a card, move on a month and I was days away from jetting off to Thailand! I think it was Thursday lunch that I suddenly man panicked and realised I’d not got anything ready, one being a pre-paid card I could use abroad. I contacted Monzo and advised of my unorganised self and wondered if I could get a card sent out before I left on the Monday morning, to my surprise not only would they send me out a card special delivery at no charge so I could be sure it would be with me before I departed but they also offered me the opportunity to walk down to the office and pick it up in person that day (talk about service!).

I got my card on the Friday, and jetted off on the Monday (if your interested in knowing if the card works in Koh Samui I’ve also shared my experiences over in the travelling thread). A huge thanks to all the team though, firstly via the phone and then later on a lengthy email discussion in which I was also given amazing tips to use while travelling.

If your thinking about joining, do!


YAY!! :tada: Thanks for taking the time to share this Dale, absolutely thrilled that we could get you your card on time. Hope you’re having a great time in Koh Samui! :thailand::beach_umbrella: