More than one sole current account

Hi, I want to create another current account to use it for budgeting and saving. Can’t see any option to create a new current account in the app, am I missing something? I see the only option available is joint account with another Monzo account holder. Need help to understand this better.


Ive seen people previously request this. Interested to know why do you need another account? The whole idea of Monzo is to help with budgeting and saving. There are numerous tools to help with this:

Payment from pots

To name a few.

No, you can only have one main account at Monzo.


Have you tried using pots?

Not everyone will need one, though some will. I suspect for most people they want that separate account number to properly segregate some things without needing bank accounts with different providers. That’s certainly more of a want, than a need. Want is still a perfectly sufficient argument though.

Where folks actually will need it are in instances where they’re required to have a second bank account with its own dedicated account number and debit card. One scenario that springs to mind is the government backed direct payments scheme for folks who are disabled and need to hire people to help them with life, usually a care provider. It’s effectively treated like you’re running a business, but you’re not allowed to use a business account for it. You need a second personal current account that’s separate from your own and pots don’t cut it. In this case, you would need one, but right now, you’d have to go elsewhere to get one.


You might not need another account, just like nobody actually needs summary, trends, pots, and payments from pots, but all of these things are useful and help many people budget and manage their money. Some people like pots etc, whilst other people prefer separate accounts.


Correct but your response still doesnt explain why, rather is just a bunch of statements. I asked because i genuinely wondered why.

Thanks @N26throwaway some good points :+1: and that makes sense.

Really interesting insight - I can actually understand why folk might need this vs a bills pot

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I’d love this. I currently use a Starling account for certain payments that I don’t include in my monthly/annual budget (and that I also don’t want notifications for) - so bringing that into a separate Monzo account would be great.


You can use Chase for this I believe?

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Yes, they allow up to 20 (I think) sole accounts or sub-accounts, all with unique account numbers, but they only link to one debit card.

So if you need your second account to be totally separate to the first, Chase still don’t cover it.

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