WearOS unable to verify Google Pay card

When using Google Pay on WearOS I am unable to verify my card.

It takes me to a screen asking me to log into Monzo to verify, opens Monzo and logs me in but then nothing happens. The card is never verified.

Any ideas?

I had this recently, however mine was just registering it to my phone.

This happens because Monzo want some additional verification. So what you need to do is message them in app and then they’ll ask for a selfie of you holding your card covering all but the last 4 digits.

Once Monzo are satisfied they approve it from their end and you’re good to go.

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Weird question, I’m sure Ive done it before but now I can’t seem to work it out, how do I open a Live Chat from the updated app?? I click help and enter my query but see no options for that

Search contact us :slight_smile:

I wonder why it’s so hidden?

Because people don’t try and help themselves first.