Alpha user stuck in beta


Long time Mondo lover here. I’ve been using Mondo since January on the Alpha, and when I saw the beta release yesterday I wanted to get my wife a card. I signed out of the app, and registered again for her. Now though, the app shows my place in the queue but gives me no option to sign out so I can get back to my alpha account!

I’ve tried uninstalling the app, but it recognises that I’ve registered for the beta when I install it again, so I’m stuck!


I had this - I found that if I removed the app, then tried switching from the App Store version to the test flight version it would then log the Mrs out. If I tried to install the same version it left her logged in.

Hey @adamwarby, your best bet is to clear the app’s cache in the main iOS Settings > Mondo and then force quit the app. That should kick you back to the beginning :slight_smile: