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In the Settings part of the app, at the top where it has your name, my app says ‘Beta User’ still, even though I’ve fully upgraded my account etc. I was just wondering what this actually means. Should it not have that anymore? Am I in some sort of pool to receive updates earlier etc?
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It’s a badge to say you were a Beta User, rather than the status of your account. I believe there’s also an investor badge for those people who invested.


And an Alpha badge for those who joined really early.


As other have said, it’s just a badge to say you were around when we had the beta stage of Monzo with the Pre-Paid card :grin:

It gives you bragging rights, ultimately :muscle:


Just checked and I also have a beta badge. I remember seeing this spoken about a while ago, I like it :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna try it in a bar one weekend as I whip out my investor card coz baller obvs :joy_cat:


There’s also investor. I think that’s all we have for now

I don’t have a Beta User badge :frowning:

Lots looks like this:


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or this


Show off…

Guessing you joined straight to a Current Account then Pete?

No, I have a Mondo card…

In that case you should have a badge. May be worth asking the COps about that.

You should have an alpha badge if you have one of those alpha cards!


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If you want to contact Cops on in app chat or DM your email I’ll have a look :thinking:

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I had (still have in a draw somewhere actually) a Mondo Alpha card, but I don’t have the ‘Alpha’ badge. I believe the Alpha was London only and I presume they used some of the old card stock for the first beta users?

I mean, I’m all for having the Alpha badge if somebody wants to apply it! :eyes:


I too have a card from Mondo Alpha days but did not want to use my iPhone and waited for the Android app to come, but which time they had gone Beta.

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Yeah, I quite like this. Perfectly private but relatively fun.

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I’m sure I had an alpha card but I don’t have the badge :’(