Allowing a relative to use your card

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My 25 year old son has unexpectedly just left working in America and gone off to Thailand for 3 weeks. I have given him my Monzo card to use (he already has, in fact it was our first ever purchase using Monzo…a coffee in Starbucks at stopover in Dubai (£3.60 incidentally!!)…anyway, just enquiring if he will have any difficulties using it? He has his American debit card with him but I am trying to avoid him currency exchange charges. I have also applied for his own Monzo card for future use.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Assuming that this doesn’t cause any issues if he has a customer support issue & they need to check your son’s identity, I can’t see why he should run into any difficulties there :slight_smile:

If you’re still logged into the account on your phone, I’d recommend checking that location based security is switched off though, in your account settings.

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Ok Alexs…thank you for that.

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