Gap Year

My son is going on a mission to Africa and will spent a few months if not a year in Southern Africa. I read a few posts stating there is no problem using Monzo in South Africa BUT will I be able to give him his/my card and use the app on my phone to top up his finances from the UK. I can’t see why not as I don’t need the card to pay money in??

You can still transfer from your account to his. Where he is in the world is irrelevant.

The only benefit to him using your card/account is that you would be able to monitor spending. However I suspect Monzo would take a dim view of someone else being allowed to use your card and who knows what repercussions there could be? They would be able to see you using the app in the UK and the card being used in SA and possibly block it.

Best approach is for (as suggested) you to transfer cash from your own account to his and for him to use his own account, whoever it’s with.


Sounds like an amazing gap year!

Monzo accounts are for the account holder, it’s in the Ts & Cs, so it isn’t recommended to give your card to someone else or give someone else access to the app. This could become a major issue if, for example, he experiences fraud on the card and it turns out someone else has access to his account.

Instead, he should use his own account, with his own app on his phone and his own card and if you want to send him money you should send a bank transfer to that account.


Just to add, if you both have Monzo accounts you can use the peer-to-peer sending features to send money ever so slightly easier. Instead of writing a sort code & account number, you can see your son in the “contacts on Monzo” screen and send directly :smiley:


This hits the nail on the head.

He needs his own account, which you top up via bank transfer or p2p as others have suggested.


Although if his existing account is with a classic high-street bank, there will be fees for using it abroad.

So I would recommend he opens a Monzo account, which would allow fee-free usage abroad, of course, but also make it very easy for you to send him money as @brandonskerritt says.

I would also recommend that he turns on “location based security” in the Monzo app (Settings > Privacy), which allows Monzo to decline transactions if the card becomes separated from his phone. This is an excellent fraud-prevention feature, and probably especially useful if abroad.

For a prolonged period abroad, it’s worth getting a local SIM too, keeping in contact via internet-based services so you don’t have to pay international charges to call or text.


The recommended action would be for him to open his own Monzo account as stated here

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