Allow users to disable gradient in plus & premium

I’m sure this is old news, but I couldn’t find anything when I searched.

I was on the fence about whether or not to keep Plus due to limited benefit currently, but what actually tipped the balance to cancelling was that I just couldn’t stand the gross gradient they force onto the whole app when you are a Plus user.

Seems trivial but it ruined the look of dark mode for me. Is there any way to turn that off?


Not at the mo. It’s either dark mode or not.

There was a hint at 2 types of Dark mode (one called ‘lights out’) but only one has been implemented so far - the one you’re not keen on.

Personally, I like the purple gradient as it looks very classy to my eye.

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Purple? The gradient colour for Monzo Plus in both Light Mode and Dark Mode is a weird light blue/green colour on my iPhone? How are you getting purple? :rofl:

On dark mode, it’s… darker! :smiley:

There’s still a gradient but it’s not the usual one. Is everything else dark for you?

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Everything else is dark yes, but I think there is some confusion over which tier of Monzo I’m talking about. It’s the gradient for Premium that is a nice purple, not Plus.

See screenshot from @davidwalton from another thread…



I’d always assumed they (Plus/Premium) were the same. Here’s my Premium as of now:

Can you post a screenshot?

Unfortunately not, they give Plus tier a horrible colour to make you want to upgrade to Premium for the classy purple. :rofl:

I can’t do a screenshot as I already cancelled the plan yesterday so I’m back to the plain dark blue (dark mode) now. And I cannot for the life of me find a screenshot from anyone else showing Plus and dark mode together…

This is obviously a screenshot from someone showing a but report, but it gives you an idea of the colour they use for the gradient on Plus…


That doesn’t look like Dark mode shown in the image. Are you saying that, with Plus, when Dark mode is active, the top section of the screen is still the wishy-washy colours as shown in this Monzo light-mode mock-up (and only the transactions in the lower section are shown as ‘Dark’)?:

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Android plus and basic were exactly the same for me, unless I just didn’t notice any change but I likely would’ve :eyes:

The rest of the UI is fine, so all the bits you would expect to be dark, are dark.

But the upper section behind the card on Plus was mixed with that weird blue/green colour for me. Instead of the purple that Premium gets, and it just doesn’t look nice IMO that’s all.

I wish it was just the same… I also wish I’d taken a screenshot before I cancelled, but I didn’t think it would be so hard to find an example online! haha

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I have Plus and it’s a grey/blue gradient on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. I think it looks very smart.

It’s nowhere near as light as that bug report screenshot.

Home page is two colours, payments tab is dark. Seems split across the app.

Plus member here.

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There’s clearly something amiss in that screenshot. Be it app version or a mega old unsupported phone.

It’s not like that for me (and everyone else who has commented). There is no way it is intentional because you can barely see the ‘compare’ text and back arrow.

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This is what Plus on dark mode looks like for me


Thanks for the screenshot @Revels

That looks great to me too. Not purple, but not because purple is any better - just that it’s more blue instead of purple. But looking great regardless.

Now I’m confused about the ‘light blue green colour’ reported by the OP - who can show that?

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Looks like whatever phone used with the app can’t render the colours Monzo used?

I’m no tech expert, but even the error on screen tells us it’s not compatible :joy:

That’s only an example of what the OP was trying to show because they couldn’t show a screenshot of their actual Monzo Plus display (they’d cancelled Plus by then)

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Ah, my bad.

Not sure if I’ve missed it, but what phone was it you were using @Sprinter1067 ?

I’m convinced it doesn’t really exist as no one else can provide an actual recent SS of it :eyes::sweat_smile: if only you’d got a snap of it before cancelling.

Anyways I’ll have to believe you, even though I’ve got doubts… I’m running away now :sweat_smile::rofl::sweat_smile::rofl:

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