'New guy' post

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all well.

I’m a new customer to Monzo, eagerly waiting for for my shiny new Coral coloured piece of plastic to drop through the letterbox.

Just leaving a post here to say hello whilst figuring out how everything works.

I can’t believe what is possible in terms of organizing my finances from using the app. It’s crazy!

Any newbie advice is welcome.

Stay safe




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Hi Tom & welcome :wave:

Great to have you here - ask away and the many :monzo:-experienced users will surely help out!

Stay safe (and Alert) too!

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I’ve changed the forum to dark mode. Is it possible to do this in the App? It’s so much nicer on the eye.

Sorry if 100 people have already asked this and I’m raising the question in the wrong place.


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Dark mode in-app not available yet. But…

Are you on Android or iOS?
(if Android, which device?)

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Yes android. Using the Samsung S7

Hi @649tom :wave:
There’s quite a few users who are already interested in dark mode in the app. You can check out the thread for it here:


Don’t forget to press the Vote button to show your support for the idea

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