AirTags, Will you be using them?

It doesn’t have to beep to find it, your phone can just guide you

I’m not sure it will ever start beeping if it’s stationary. But even if it does, owner would have to be away from it for 3 days before it started beeping.

Yes, doesn’t it actually only start beeping on its own if it finds itself moving about with another iPhone?

Without another iPhone it starts beeping. With the iPhone it shows an alert after 2 hours

This is more of a review of knockoff AirTag (I find it strange that even weeks after release, autocorrect doesn’t know the name; it usually corrects all Apple products) accessories.

I ordered a silicone pouch from Amazon which is great, and protects most of the AirTag (there’s only a tiny front cutout). But it’s made of that awful soft silicone Apple like and attracts so much lint

I also ordered a cheap Apple leather keychain knockoff from eBay. It’s not great quality, but it isn’t a lint magnet. It also exposes a lot more of the AirTag so I’m expecting scratches galore

Oh well, can’t really complain for the price I paid