“Find my card” feature

Would it ever be possible for a bank card to have an inbuilt tracking chip to overcome the possibility of losing your card, or worse, your entire wallet/purse? Surely it would be an easy way to find lost wallets in the same way we do using the “find my iPhone” feature on our mobiles.
The only two hurdles I really see are 1) a privacy question around what your bank would do with such data, or what if we don’t want our bank to know where we are? Well surely, like “find my iPhone”, there presumably would be a fairly easy opt-in/out feature like with Apple. I for one have no issues with Monzo knowing where I am at any point.
2) technological questions around if such tracking is even possible in a small bank card, but in 2020 I’d be more shocked if it wasn’t possible to fit a tracking chip into a bank card.

It certainly will be possible but my guess is that it costs more to implement, run and maintain than it would to simply replace the card.


Think we need some alien technology for it

I agree, although my rationale was more on the “saving the sentimental value of the wallet” more so than the inconvenience of having to replace cards. Cards seems like the obvious place to implement a “find my wallet” feature out of everything that I keep in my wallet.

There’s a few card sized trackers like tile.


Beat me to it! :smile:

Because you put it under the feedback and ideas section I assumed you were wanting monzo to do this. My apologies.



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The biggest issue for something the thickness of a bank card is inventing a battery that’s thin enough and powerful enough to be worthwhile.

At the moment I don’t think this would be possible.

Passive tracking is possible without the tag requiring a battery, provided a high powered reader is used. That said location tracking would be limited to a selected area, unless readers were widely rolled out in the environment and tracking offered as a service using this model.

Yeah, I was thinking about a full GPS setup initially but even the Tags aren’t credit card thin and I believe they just do proximity - haven’t looked for a while. Without a battery at all you’re really only talking about an “it’s here somewhere” system at the very best.

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Yes Insecurity :smiley: