Air Fryers

Anybody on here use one, and what are your thoughts on them ?
I heard it’s basically the same as an oven but quicker and healthier than frying.

Ninja seem to have the best reviews. Doing some research before potentially buying one.

We didn’t get on very well with ours. Gave it away. R-

I recently bought one and am very happy with the purchase.

As you said it’s basically an oven replacer. I would say it’s a bit better I would say and also a lot faster.

Preheating happens in ~2 minutes and you’re good to go, and it’s big enough.

I got the Cosori, it even has an app so you can control it from your phone and it give you notifications with the status.

Link (affiliate) below if you decide to get this model :blush:

We have, and are super happy with, one of these.

Main benefit for us is speed and convenience. Our oven is so old and slow it takes a good 30 mins to get up to temperature.

The air fryer is good to go in literally minutes and cooks things great while using a lot less energy (much smaller cavity to heat up).


Ninja dual is amazing
I use mine daily

I use this one on a regular basis

Another ninja fan. Just cooked salmon in mine tonight

On the very next day ? :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks for the input guys I’ll consider getting one :slight_smile:

Good for you. We must have gone too cheap, ours was about half the Ninja cost. R-

Was thinking along these lines. But was going to say what about this year? … equally terrible!

We’ve a ninja duel as well, highly recommend it. I think we use it more than the oven these days…

I use one sometimes. I’ve only got a small cheap one, all they do is blow hot air so don’t go wild with it.

Favourite of mine is to cut up some carrot and potatoes and throw them in there. Sometimes I don’t bother with the oil.

Surprisingly a great way to cook or reheat things like pastry based products.

Though by far my favourite feature is when you reheat left over pizza with it, comes out divine after a minute or two.

We have a Tefal Actifry 2in1 and it’s amazing. We always do things like sausages and roasties/chips in it now

Do roasties come out crispy and fluffy?

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Honestly I’ve made the best roasties in the air fryer, much easier to control the amount of fat over them, get them nice and soft on the inside from a parboil and then bake/roast in the Ninja and they come out perfectly crispy :relaxed:


I have the exact same one, but made by ‘devology’ the same airfryer gets resold under multiple brands, can likely be found on Aliexpress - good product and I love my airfryer

Edit, the one I have is a little different: Devology Digital Air Fryer - 6.5L XL Non Stick Airfryer Free 50 Recipe Cookbook- 12 Pre-Set Cooking Programs - Oil-free Chip Fryer for Home Use With 60 Minute Timer - Portable Kitchen Appliance : Home & Kitchen

Damn shame I can’t use an app for mine

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Got the Ninja Foodi today ( air fryer and grill )
Cooks chicken and chips really well, nice and crispy !


Given that this thread is quite old now, does anyone still use an air fryer after having one for eight months?

We are thinking about getting one, but don’t want to spend money on something which sits in a cupboard.

My mom does. Still raves about it any chance she gets. Based on how she sounds off about it, it’s probably the most used and most useful food cooking contraption in her home.


We’ve had ours for around 4 years and use it most days.