Sorry it's a question about frying pans

I went to make some chicken and cheese quesadillas this evening and found that no matter what I did the chicken literally stuck to the pan and have concluded rather obviously that my non stick pan is no longer non stick.

I then went to Amazon and searched for Frying pans only to discover a ridiculous amount of choice.

Does anyone here have any thoughts or recommendations? I don’t cook much, so could just take the obvious and well known Tefal option but given the selection out there I am now not sure

I don’t bother with non-stick any more, after the last one started disintegrating and I’d find bits of it in my fried egg. Not very appealing.

Replaced mine with the copper stone ones (from Asda) after seeing a JML advert (I know!). But they’ve been surprisingly good and no issues.


Why have the got the price to 4 decimal places?


To cope with people paying in crowns and farthings? :laughing:


Dammit, I had a chance to use a copper joke. ARGH.


Ah that’ll be it

‘‘Tis many groats worth of copper


it’s in the meta properties. Someone must have made a mistake when coding :man_facepalming:

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Thanks @tbutz it has mixed reviews on Amazon but I can get one for Monday so I may give that a go and because it’s Amazon it would be easy to return if need be

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Wow. Didn’t realise how good a salesman I was! Can I interest you in some magic beans?? :eyes:


Seriously though if it comes from Amazon there really isn’t any risk… I’ll wait and see if anyone else has any recommendations but taking advice means it’s not my fault if it’s crap :smiley:

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Tefal. Cheap and cheerful

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that’s what I should have used for my sex buddy advert on gumtree :laughing:


I don’t know if it’s the same one, but my mum gave me a copper frying pan when she was clearing out her kitchen cupboards and it’s really good! No idea what brand or whatever.

EDIT: I was in the kitchen anyway, so took a picture:

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I’ve been googling around and I’m torn between Granite and copper right now.

I mean I am certainly no expert. But my method is normally search the product on Amazon and order the search results by adverage customer review. Then normally end up buying either the top or second best reviewed product.

Rather use the opinion of few 1000’s on Amazon over one or two people here.

Obviously only works for low cost items, wouldn’t be buying a new phone or car using the same method. But a frying pan, fuck ye

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I used to do that. But now Amazon has far too many low quality products that are essentially the same thing but slightly rebranded and the reviews are often fake, bought or useless.

However, that’s normally the case for electronic products - frying pans are probably still safe :thinking:

Amazon reviews are useful to a degree. What I actually think this community can provide (even on a smaller scale) is real world experience with the product.

You’re like some kind of internet wizard :grin:

Tefal and make sure you use silicon or plastic utensils. I have one that cost me £15 10 years ago and it’s still going strong.

Non-stick pans always wear out after a few years, sad to say. Loads of choice, as you say, but generally most are fine. Just don’t spend too much on any single non-stick pan - the amount you pay won’t change the fact that it will wear out and need replacing.

I’ve a cast iron pan that I’m using more and more often instead of non-stick these days. I use it for making my own quesadillas (though I keep mine simple - cheese mix, jalapeno slices, and a sprinkling of oregano).

I’d quite like to experiment with using stainless steel pans (Babish keeps using them) though haven’t found the opportunity to acquire any yet.