Popcorn Chat 🍿

Haven’t checked this thread for a while. If I’d known I was going to stumble on this today I’d have bought popcorn while I was at Tesco last night.


Oh totally, but from my own experience (others might have different) any VC I’ve ever been involved with has only really cared about one thing, the bottom line. Maybe I need to find company with more ethical VCs perhaps.

You’re really reaching. I don’t think that’s what @simonb is saying at all. In fact the opposite I belive?

Mines always sweet and salty. So if you’re buying…


The BEST combo!

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Popcorn is not meant to be sweet. I will fight anyone on it.

Knowing my chance I’ll never see them, though I’d like to.

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Bruh. Sweet is good. Salty is good. Sweet and salty together is never good!

Excuse you!

BRB. Just taking my earrings outs.


When at the cinema I ask for sweet on the bottom and salted on the top. Savory starter followed by a sweet dessert.

Now there’s a thread for it, it calls for a poll!

  • Popcorn should be SWEET
  • Popcorn should be SALTY
  • Popcorn should be BOTH
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Popcorn should have butter on it. Salty is the next best (and only other acceptable) option.

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Oh you’re one of those. :nauseated_face:

You know what I saw in a local shop the other day? cheese popcorn. I bought it and started eating it not realising it was cheese. Absolutely vile. Who comes up with these flavours?

There should only ever be two popcorn flavours. Sweet and salty. The others don’t exist. As real as a pigeon.

Toffee popcorn is quite nice too :popcorn:


I humbly disagree! Also, dear god what have I started :laughing:


I was just about to post this. It’s the best. Dead easy to make and super tasty.

We went through a phase of buying flavoured sugar (aka seasoning) off Ebay for popcorn and trying things like candyfloss. That made a nice change too.

Very - when you walk to the shop & buy it :eyes:

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Oh the ad hominems!

This I can agree on.

I think the sweet v salty must be a cultural thing. No other country I’ve been to/lived in has even had sweet popcorn for sale.


It’s nowhere near the same as homemade though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and it’s still nice and warm too!

Not sure if it’s cultural, but there was a splatfest in it a few years back, so it must span multiple cultures.

You’ll be thrilled to know team salty won it though!

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Apparently Spain is salty and Portugal is sweet from what I’ve seen. China is also sweet. But most on Reddit are salty so sweet must be a minority.


Still talking about popcorn?

Good question :thinking:

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Does anyone have any good airfryer popcorn recipes?

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