I am in the process of trying to source a room heater for my Mother in Law, and possibly us. Obviously I am after cost effectiveness and have come across these. Anyone on here using such a thing or can recommend better? R-

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The reviewers appear to like it. On the top setting it would be around 40p an hour under the current EPG.

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You’re going to have a very difficult time finding one that won’t be obscenely expensive to run this winter. Even the most efficient ones.

I wouldn’t recommend anything that isn’t a Dyson in this space personally. I’ve tried a lot over the years and was never too pleased with any. I think John Lewis used to make a decent one that was quite affordable.

What’s your budget? Dyson are on the expensive end so won’t be for everyone.

Wirecutter’s pick is unsurprisingly Vornado, and I’d usually endorse their reviews, but since Brexit vornado are no longer available in the U.K.

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What about a heating blanket instead?

Will cost less than a room heater and be more direct contact, you can get some large ones too that can act as a throw :slight_smile:

Or an oil radiator?

Tried looking for the old John Lewis space heater but it seems they don’t do them anymore, and wound up finding this instead.

Much more efficient than a space heater for heating a room.

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For the elderly or those with lung conditions it’s not a good idea to just heat your body and continue to breathe in cold air.


Ah I didn’t know that, thanks for pointing it out. :slight_smile:


Thanks, but I don’t think we could run to a Dyson. R-

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Thanks, she is a very fit and mobile 87 year old. We think we need space heating more than any else. R-

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Thanks for this. We have one already. Perhaps that would be good for MIL. R-

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Oil heater only. Best option…


Other issue with heating blankets is that they can cause burns, especially when used by people with reduced sensation in parts of their body (such as diabetic neuropathy).

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As others have said. Oil filled radiator and / or a heated throw are your best option. If times are tough I’d say heat the person not the room but be mindful of damp and mould.


Thanks all. I think we are going down the oil filled radiator route. R-


Indeed and I’ve seen the result on both the person and the blanket…

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We’ve used several of these for camping (‘glamping’ = tent plus electricity supply) over the years and they’ve been outstanding.

Never used one within a house/building though!

I did the same thing!

I have one of these which I used in the old house to heat the “office” each day. I WFH so it was essential.

I’ve sinced moved so I don’t need it but fully recommend. It kept the room warm and it was economic too.

Something akin to this would be a good option I think.


Im surprised no one has raised the option of a calor gas bottle cabinet heater.
If we do get 3hr power cuts in Winter, this will be one of the few options wont it?
Are they really expensive to run?

An oil filled radiator will continue to maintain and radiate heat throughout a powercut. Certainly for one as short as 3 hours.

Don’t have much knowledge on calor gas heaters but I do know the bottles have increased astronomically in price. Much more significant than electricity, and the price for these aren’t regulated and there’s no help, which is problematic in some rural places where these are the only options for heating your home, which is the situation my Aunt is in. It’ll cost her ten times more to heat her home this winter than it did last winter. That’s something to bear in mind.

Gas is an expensive finite resource that’s becoming increasingly scarce. That’ll be effecting the price and availability of this heating option too.

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My Uncle literally gave me one of these a couple of hours ago.

I’d never heard of infrared heating panels but apparently they’re a thing. Will be giving mine a go tomorrow.

Hoping it saves me :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: compared to the oil filled radiator I’ve been using in my loft up till now.