Advanced Roundup button in Premium Tab not working

Issue: When I click the premium tab then “advanced roundups” it just takes me back to the main account feed.

Details to reproduce: Seems to happen every time despite an app and phone reboot.

OS: iOS 15.4.1
Device: iPhone 13 Pro Max
App Version: 4.24.0

Screenshots: Hard to screenshot sorry! Would need to be a video and then you’d see my transactions.

i think on android i had to set up the pot then set up the round up i wanted if i remember right but that was for plus not premium

Ooh this gave me an idea. I think it was struggling because my round up pot was hidden. So the button doesn’t have the ability to find a hidden pot.

I’ve unhidden it and now it take me to my savings pot. Would be good to fix the path so you can change settings even if the pot is hidden.

Having said that I still can’t work out where to change my round up settings. :laughing:

Tap into the pot, press edit and then it will also give the multiplier options

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THANK YOU @Revels I was clicking round that for ages!

The little premium tab link just needs to be able to find a hidden pot now :blush:

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Try un-hiding it then doing the original steps, does it take you to the main feed or let you change the roundup, im curious.

If I unhide the pot then do the main steps it takes me to the pot. I can then edit the roundups.

But if the pot is hidden it takes me to the main feed.