Round ups from multiple pots

Can anyone help me please?

I love using round up to save but have recently upgraded my account so I can use Apple Pay to pay directly from my pots. My round up pot is not rounding up from these pots, only my main account so I’m missing out on loads of saving.

Does anyone know how I can make sure that round ups are being added when I make Apple Pay transactions from my different pots please?

Thanks in advance

Hi. Welcome.

Roundups don’t work on virtual cards from a pot, only on transactions from your main card.

*edited to add from a pot.

Round up on virtual cards work for me. As shown by screenshot.

I wonder if the issue is because OP set virtual card to pay from pot, and round ups don’t currently work on transactions paid from a pot, and not your main account balance.

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Sorry, I should have made that clearer. Roundups from a virtual pot don’t work.


Thank you everyone. This makes sense. Massive shame though as I’m missing out on loads of round ups. Hopefully round ups from virtual pots will be added soon.

Thanks all

Maybe as a work around you could use the live transaction export to Google Sheets to calculate what your round ups would’ve been and manually transfer across the round ups every week or month.

Appreciate that is not as good as the real thing, but better than nothing I would’ve thought. :slight_smile:

You can’t, as virtual cards don’t appear on the export :frowning:

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Oh that’s not great!