Adding other Accounts

I’ve had my other accounts linked through monzo plus but for one reason or another I didn’t renew them when it expired a while ago.

I’ve just gone to link them again, and my Aqua credit card linked fine but it won’t link my Capital One card.

I click the ‘Add other account’ option and it takes me to the list of banks, I click Capital One, scroll down and click continue which then takes me through to the Capital One app… I agree to the data sharing, but it then takes me back to the same Monzo page, asking me to go through to Capital one and agree (and then it’s stuck in that loop).

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I’d try a reinstall of the app and/or clearing the cookies in your browser and if that doesn’t work contact help in app.

Possibly worth removing the connection through capital one too, and add again that way.

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you should log into your capital one account online and click on open banking permissions and remove all permissions then try again to add from monzo

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