PayPal to Monzo

Hi, can I please send money from PayPal account to my Monzo bank card ?and how please ?

This should help you :slight_smile: First you need to connect your Monzo account to Paypal if you haven’t already:


I assume it’s just the wrong terminology used, but I noticed that you said “send” and assume you mean “withdraw”? And also to your “card”, instead of your “account”.

If you did mean send, it’s probably worth pointing out that Monzo isn’t a card that you need to topup. It’s a bank account so you can do a bank transfer to add funds to it without going through Paypal.

Paypal are actually able to do an instant withdrawal to a debit card without the need for account number & sort code. I tried it last week with my Monzo card and the funds appeared within seconds.

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Just press withdraw

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